Stress and anxiety .. how to cope

April 29, 2022

Stress and anxiety .. how to cope

In this video, Ross talks about stress and anxiety and shares some tips on how we can change our mindset and our relationship with them.

Anxiety and stress affect us all differently but prolonged exposure to these emotions are detrimental to our emotional and physical health. Sometimes the hormones our bodies release during periods of stress including adrenaline and cortisone, can actually help us perform better but most often stress is perceived in a negative way.

Having experienced multiple panic attacks and burnout Ross is all too familiar with the feelings of low efficiency, irritability and profound tiredness stress can cause. Ross shares how becoming more self-aware, building confidence, talking about our feelings and seeing these feelings as an opportunity rather than a threat can help. Learning how to get out of our comfort zone into our stretch zone whilst not allowing ourselves to enter the panic zone is key.

View the video here:

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