What services do I offer? 

I deliver Keynote Speaking, Bespoke Upskill Training, and Mindset Coaching.

Keynote Speaking - a combination of talks which are about knowledge, but also invariably include a high level of audience engagement and participation, hence my name The Pracademic. Topics include Well-being and Mental Health, Motivation and Desire, Performance Mindset, Emotional Communication Effectiveness, Habits and Willpower.
Ross offers three main kinds of services; each being crafted for education, corporate or more bespoke requirements. Choose an option below to learn more about that service.  
Bespoke Upskill Training – MHFA Accredited Mental Health Training Adult and Youth, Mind Armour Performance Programme, Elite Mental Health, Effective Communication Skills, Emotional Confidence & Applied Resilience, Mental Toughness, Positivity and Empowering Habits.

Mindset Coaching – Either in small groups, or one to one, either face to face or online. This is a chance to work closely with me to establish your goals, identify your barriers, polish your talents, audit and measure your current performance, and finally, clarify your targets for improvement and greater success.


Ross uploads videos regularly to his YouTube channel, that feature talks, coaching sessions, interviews with new outlets and much more. Pop over to his channel and take a look at some of his content. 


An experienced professional who gently gains trust, puts the client at ease, and then uses his expertise to unlock performance potential.
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