Growing Together - Helping to Support and Nurture our Children

February 7, 2022

Growing Together - Helping to Support and Nurture our Children

Children’s Mental Health Week 2022

The theme of Children’s Mental Health Week (7-11 February 2022) is Growing Together. In this Viewpoint article published by The Lancashire Post, Ross McWilliam shares some simple things we can do to support our children.

They say statistics don’t lie, and currently, these portray a very negative picture of children’s mental health: 50 per cent of mental illness happens before age 14, and 75 per cent before age 18, with one in six children having a diagnosable mental health condition. If we then factor in the continuing impact of the pandemic, it is clear to see we are facing an enormous challenge, and probably a challenge we may have to face for many years to come.
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(courtesy of Lancashire Post)

Ross is a children’s author focussing on mental wellbeing; you can see his books here, including free stuff:

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